INGREDIENTS (4 servings)

6 chicken drumsticks / 2 onions / 1 celery / 1 carrot / 1 g of saffron / 300 g mussels / 300 g clams / 1 clove of garlic / white wine / 200 g shrimps / 200g calamari / 200 mL strained tomatoes / 1 hot pepper / 1 bell pepper / 8 cherry tomatoes / 200 g sausage / 300 g paella rice (arroz bomba) / 200 g frozen peas / 1 spoonful of paprika / extravirgin olive oil / pepper

Boil 6 chicken drumsticks in hot water with an onion, a celery and a carrot for 45 minutes. Take one spoonful of the cooking water and pur it over the saffron. When the chicken is ready, de-bone it and reduce the meat in small pieces. Cook the mussels and clams in a pan with garlic and oil, simmer with a glass of white wine. Keep the cooking water, clean half of the mussels and clams (the other half keep the shell). In a paella pan brown the shrimps, remove them, add some oil in the pan and brown a sliced onion with the calamari. Cook for 10 minutes, add the strained tomatoes and hot pepper. Dice the bell pepper to the calamari pan, let it cook for 10 minutes. Add the cherry tomatoes, the crumbled sausage. Add the paella rice, season with salt and stir. Add 700-900 g of water (broth+the mussels cooking water+water), the frozen peas, let it cook for 10 minutes. Then add the saffron, paprika, mussels and clams, the shrimps and the pieces of chicken: stir everything together and continue cooking without stirring, mixing or moving the rice till the water is completely reabsorbed. Once ready, take away from the fire, let it sit for 10 minutes, add the parsley, some olive oil and pepper, and serve.