INGREDIENTS (2 servings)

6 shrimps / juice of 1 lime / frying oil / 2 spoonfuls of shredded coconut / 2 spoonfuls of bread crumbs / sugar cane / zest of 1 lime / flour / 1 egg / half a mango / tabasco / 2 spoonfuls of mayo / salt / 1 shallot / 0.1 lb of butter / 0.15 lb of smoked salmon / 0.8 lb of rice / vegetable broth / 0.2 lb of cream cheese / 1 avocado

Shell the shrimps, sprinkle them with the lime juice and let them rest. For the paure: mix the coconut with the bread crumbs, sugar cane and the lime zest. Roll the shrimps in the flour, then in the whisked egg and finally in the manure. Let abundant oil heat in a pan. Fry the shrimps, then dry them in paper towel. For the sauce: blend the mango pulp with some lime juice, tabasco and salt. Add the mayo and mix everything together.

For the risotto: mince the shallot and brown it in a pan with butter. Add the salmon, cut in tiny pieces. Add the rice. Season with salt, let the rice toast, then simmer with broth and let the rice cook. When it’s ready, add the cream cheese and mix until creamy. Before serving, add the avocado cut in small cubes.

Serve the fried shrimps on top of the sauce, accompanied by the risotto.