INGREDIENTS (4 servings)

zucchini 400 g/ 1 shallot / 1 tablespoon of coconut powder / curry / tumeric / pepper / flour / 1 glass of milk / prawns with no shells 400 g / rice 250 g / extravirgin olive oil / salt

Slice the zucchini. Slice the shallot and brown it in a pan with olive oil. Add the coconut powder, 2 tablespoons of curry, half a tablespoon of tumeric and a pinch of pepper. Let the spices toast, then add the zucchini, a tablespoon of flour and mix everything together so that the flour browns. Season with salt and add the milk. Let boil over medium heat till the sauce is thick and the zucchini are soft (if the sauces dry to much add some water). Just before the zucchini are ready, add the prawns and let everything cook for one minute. Serve with boiled rice.