INGREDIENTS (4 servings)

1 kg of diced veal / 80 g hazelnuts / 2 shallots / 100 mL milk / flour / 1 glass of Marsala / bay leaf / thyme / 10-15 small onions / 1 spoonful of cane sugar / 2 spoonfuls of vinegar / extravirgin olive oil / salt

Peel and dice the shallots, crush the hazelnuts and brown everything in a pot with 2 spoonfuls of oil. Coat the meat with flour, add it to the pot and let it golden. At this point season with salt, simmer with Marsala, add a glass of warm water, the bay leaf and cook with a lid for 30 minutes. Then add the milk and continue cooking for another 30 minutes. In the meantime prepare the onions: let them brown whole in oil and salt for 5 minutes. Add half a glass of water and cover with a lid so that they become tender (10 more minutes). Then add the sugar cane and vinegar, and without the lid let the sauce reduce till it is glazed. Serve the new with the cooking sauce, the onions some whole hazelnuts and complete with thyme.