Struggling to preserve the Italian culinary tradition oversea


INGREDIENTS (2 servings)

125 g rice noodles / half a red pepper / 3 little onions / fresh ginger / 2 carrots / 2 zucchini / 70 g sprouts / 80 g green beans / extravirgin olive oil / salt / 2 eggs / coriander / soy sauce

In a pan with oil, brown the red pepper, the onions and the grated ginger. Dice the carrots and the zucchini in little sticks and add them to the pan. Add the sprouts and the boiled green beans as well. Season with salt and continue cooking. For the omelette, whisk the eggs with the minced coriander and a spoonful of soy sauce: pour in a different pan with a drop of oil and let it cook. Once ready, put the omelette in a plate and slice it in small stripes and add them to the vegetables in the pan. Cook the noodles in hot water (off the stove, just 4-5 minutes), drain them and saute them in the pan with the veggies, adding more soy sauce.

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    How Italian cooking is seen Abroad. On a number of occasions while I was abroad, I’ve seen some restaurants serving ‘ Italian dishes’ on their menus, but they actually had little in common with Made in Italy !