INGREDIENTS (4 servings)

1 carrot / half yellow pepper / 1 red onion / 0.5 lb tomato sauce / 2 spoonfuls of pesto / 1 roll of phyllo dough / 1.5 oz of soy sauce / extravirgin olive oil

Cut┬áthe carrot and the yellow pepper to small sticks. Slice the onion. Brown the vegetables in a pan with a drop of oil, leaving them a bit crunchy, then add salt. Heat in a ┬ásmall saucepan the tomato sauce with the pesto, transfer the vegetables in a bowl and season them with this sauce. Brush with olive oil a roll of phyllo dough and fill it in the center with a spoonful of vegetables. Fold the longer sides of the dough toward the inside, then roll it from the shorter side, to create a “spring roll”. Brush it again with a bit of oil. Cook the rolls in the oven at 356 F for some minutes. Serve with soy sauce