INGREDIENTS (2 servings)

1/2 butternut squash / olive oil / dried chili flakes / salt and pepper / 1 onion / butter / 1 garlic clove / 180g arborio rice / glass of white wine / 800 mL vegetable stock / 30 g hard cheese / handful of sage leaves / 2 tablespoons of chopped hazelnuts / lemon

Preheat the oven at 220 C. Put the diced butternut squash on a baking tray and mix with the olive oil, chili flakes and slat and pepper. Spread the squash and roast for 35 minutes. While it roasts, chop the onion and let it fry in a pan with butter, add the garlic clove and cook for few minutes. Then add the rice and let it brown. Simmer with white wine, when the wine has bubbled away, you the vegetable stock and simmer the risotto. Once the risotto is ready, scrape the butternut squash in the pan along with the grated cheese. Stir and turn the heat to low. Melt a spoonful of butter in another pan, chuck in the sage leaves and hazelnuts and cook for a minute, then squeeze in the lemon juice. Spoon the risotto in a plate, top with the crispy sage leaves and hazelnuts, and drizzle over the butter.