INGREDIENTS (1 per person)

veal sliced thin / bread crumbs / 1 egg / parma ham, 1 slice per cutlet / parmesan cheese / liquid cream / broth

Coat the meat with the bread crumbs, then dip it into the raw egg (scrambled), then again in the bread crumbs for a great coating. Fry the cutlets in a large pan with butter. Once gold on one side, turn and continue the cooking (try not to turn more than once or you risk losing your coat). Remove from the pan and dry them from the butter in cooking paper. In a second pan, add the cutlets; on top of each add a slice of ham and some sliced parmesan cheese. Pour a drop of cream on top of each cutlet, then pour the broth in between the cutlets to cover the bottom of the pan. Cover the pan with a lid and let it cook slowly till the cheese is melted.