INGREDIENTS (4 servings)

0.7 lb of minced beef / 0.7 lb of minced pork / 0.5 lb of asparagus / 0.3 lb of bologna / 0.15 lb grated parmesan / 1 egg / 1 bread / 1 glass of milk / nutmeg / marjoram / bread crumbs / extravirgin olive oil / salt

For the fondue

0.15 lb of grated parmesan / 0.06 lb of flour / 13.5 oz of milk / 3 egg yolks

Parboil the asparagus in salted water for few minutes. Mince the bologna and mix it with the meats, the egg, the parmesan, a spoonful of marjoram, and the bread (softened in a bowl of milk). Season with salt and pepper, add the nutmeg, and work everything with your hands. Put half of the mixture in a plumcake pan, previously oiled and sprinkled with grated parmesan. Put the asparagus on topo, then sprinkle them with more parmesan. Close with the remaining half of the mixture. Complete with abundant grated parmesan and bread crumbs on top. Pu in the oven at 390 F for 55 minutes. For the fondue, mix¬†the yolks with the flour in a saucepan. Dissolve with the milk and heat. Add the parmesan and continue to stir till it’s thick. Serve the slices of meatloaf with the fondue on top.